Guiding Values & Principles




  • ONPA is a trusted partner.
  • We must consistently adhere to our procedures and processes and approach our work in a way that honors the trust placed in us. Our actions must match our words and information, so that we can be trusted to deliver accurate and timely information.


  • ONPA brings expertise.
  • In order to be a reliable source of accurate information we must know our stuff.
  • We must always be learning so that we can have technical expertise in rules and guidance that frames our work,  and the systems we work with.
Teamwork and Respect

Teamwork & Respect

  • ONPA works together with you collaboratively to reach your goals.
  • We start our work from a place of listening, to build a deep understanding and more effective solutions.


Know yourselves: Our partnership can enable your organization to use accurate information and data that is reliable, readily available, and easily understood.

Carry out your plan: Our customized solutions will allow you to use clear and well maintained internal controls to balance your budget, maintain a strong cash balance and drive your organizational priorities.

Drive toward the future: With ongoing forecasts and long term and multi year budgets you can bridge the gap between where your organization is and where you want it to go.

Mission Matters
ONPA Solutions can help you sustain your impact over time.
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